This is very funny…but kinda sad and scary at the same time. I will start with funny first…

Yesterday I had my 2nd glucose screen and had to be in the lab for 3 hours. They take your blood when you first go in since you have fasted for 14 hours, then you drink 100g of that glucose stuff (it was nasty but I was hungry and was grateful for the sugar rush) then they take you blood at 1, 2 and 3 hours after to check your sugar levels. If two of these blood draws show high sugar you are confirmed with gestational diabetes.

Because I had to be there for 3 hours, I asked my FIL to watch Babyhead. Now, in the past FIL wouldn’t do it. I guess he was like a lot of men and didn’t feel confident in taking care of a baby, but now Babyhead is over 3 so I guess he was confident in watching him.

Well, there is the couple that moved in a few doors down. They don’t have kids, but they have a friend who visits who has a 2 year old boy. Now, I don’t like this boy or his parent(s). The little boy would be ok IF he had some kind of parental supervision, which he doesn’t. They let him out and then go back inside while he is running wild.

Anyway, the mom came over while FIL and Babyhead were outside and asked if the boy could play with Babyhead. He said that was fine (he didn’t know they tended to disappear) and while Babyhead was playing outside, this little boy just walked right into our backdoor without FILs knowledge and proceeded to pull his pants down and pee on our floor! FIL said all he could think of was what it looked like while he was trying to get the kids clothes back on and his mom walk in! He said he looked and couldn’t find the mom around anywhere (big surprise) and finally she came out, he sent him back with her and locked the back door and took Babyhead out front to ride his trike. LOL

We laughed that FILs first real baby sitting duty ended in a strange little boy peeing on our floor!

Now for the sad and scary part.

This woman didn’t think twice about leaving her little 2yr old with a strange man. I trust my FIL. I know he would never do anything to Babyhead (not many people I can actually say I totally trust with my son)…but this woman didn’t know him at ALL. The people haven’t been in the apartment long enough to even see FIL much less judge him to be trustworthy and she left her small child with him with her no where in sight. Thank goodness FIL isn’t some weird perv.

I actually feel sorry for the kid. Everytime we have seen him he has been alone (yes he is a 2 yr old!) just wandering around outside. One day he had a ceramic cup and decided it would be a good idea to bang it on our back GLASS door. We kept telling him no, of course mom is no where to be seen…and it wasn’t until one of the maintenance guys told him to stop that the mom showed up.

I called the office and told them about yesterday and the door and how they just disappear and let him run around. I told him my concern was that he was going to find something else to bang on my door, it shatter and me come home from shopping to find a bloody little kid on my porch. I have to call the manager next time something like that happens so they can address it…she said that even though the little boy doesn’t live there, the tenants have a responsibility to control how their guests act.

Let’s hope they learn…I would hate to see the little boy hurt because of negligent parents.

Ok…on a side note…

I am still working on writing out our vacation. I was soo tired the past few days and I had that glucose test (I don’t think I can ever eat enough to make up for not eating for so long!) that it is taking me a while to write it. I hope to have it all down by the end of the week.



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  1. I won’t know until tomorrow about my test. I have to call the Dr and see if they got results back. I asked the tech and she said that if it looks bad in the beginning they would call the Dr and give him a partial result…so I am sure I will probably know tomorrow. I will keep you updated!

  2. The management should be extremely concerned, because if that little boy is unsupervised and gets hurt on their property, they’ll most likely get sued.

    Either way, it is very sad for the child, that his mother places him in danger by failing to supervise him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get harmed by one of the many sickos in the world. 😦

    By the way, I’d be completely grossed out if someone peed on my kitchen floor. There’s not enough bleach to clean that, at least not in my mind. LOL

    How did your test come out, by the way? I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you are okay.

  3. Sandy,

    That is so sad. Some people don’t deserve kids.

    BTW, I like the name you use for your son.

  4. Can’t wait to hear about the vacation!

    As for the rest… All I can say is some people.