More On Your Genetic Information…

I just wanted to add to the post I did a while back on genetic testing and our childrenIt scares me to think that so many people are unaware of this and therefore unable to try to change the way things are…or how many people don’t know the dangers inherent in letting so many people have access to our personal information which includes genetic testing.

It seems that the American Health Insurance Plans, an insurance industry lobbying group, is trying to keep an important law from being voted in.  The bill is to prevent insurance companies and employers from requesting/requiring genetic testing and using your genetic information to set or cancel your insurance premiums and keep employers from making hiring decisions.  Currently these things are not covered by the HIPAA privacy act.

“AHIP” says that insurance companies are going to “need” your genetic information to make “appropriate health care decisions” based on a persons genetic information.  They say that if insurance companies are not able to access this information, then patients will lose out on valuable services and treatment options.

Now, I may be wrong…but I thought all those decisions were supposed to be made between me and my doctor…NOT my insurance company…

If you are interested in learning more about this…please visit Junkfood Science as Sandy has more in depth coverage of it.  And please, if you have the money, donate to her so she can continue the research she has been doing to inform the rest of us what others are trying to do.



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  1. I hate lobbyists. I hate insurance companies.

    The only question is, which do I hate more?

  2. Damn the Man.

    Checking it out now, hon. 🙂