English is Becoming a Forgotten Language

I am curious, are they no longer teaching Proper English in schools anymore? Or am I just that old? Now, I am not saying I am an expert in the English Language and I do get confused on grammar, spelling and punctuation quite often. It has been a number of years since I have been to English Class and I have forgotten much. However, I have to wonder about today’s kids/young adults.

I have gotten a few comments on my blog, some I have deleted since I didn’t understand a word they were saying, that were horribly written. I am not saying you have to be perfect in your grammar and punctuation, but you can at least TRY, though I am assuming that they are actually teaching this stuff is schools still. I can only assume they are kids writing this stuff as I cannot imagine an adult that can’t even formulate a proper sentence complete with a capital letter in the beginning and a period at the end.

I continually see long run on sentences where you don’t know where one thought ends and one begins as well as endless non-words such as “u r”. Now, I have no problem abbreviating some things, I do it myself…but when most of your message consists of abbreviations, that is not good at all and detracts from the point you are trying to make.

It’s just not on blogs/internet either.

My brother in law is a professor at a college in Maryland. He stayed with us this past Easter weekend and he complained of receiving emails from his students containing the content I wrote about above. He and I both agreed that college students especially should be using proper letter form even in an email when you are writing to a professor (or a potential job) and yet they continue to send him one line emails asking a question with abbreviations. He finally started telling all his classes that if they are not in proper letter format with at least an attempt at proper grammar/spelling/punctuation then he will ignore them.

Take your time with comments, the comment box isn’t going anywhere, otherwise you will sound like an idiot at best and at worst not be taken seriously and made fun of and the point of your comment will be lost. There are plenty of books out there where you can learn proper sentence structure and I am sure you can get them at the library. You can also find that information on the internet as well.

In closing, I would like to just say that no matter what your age, learning proper grammar, spelling and punctuation will never go out of style.



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4 responses to “English is Becoming a Forgotten Language

  1. I guess I’ve been lucky, since I haven’t had too much problem with this. I can understand why it would annoy you. It would annoy me, too.

  2. Taking notes is one thing since you need to write quickly, and even writing to friends on your phone is another since sometimes those stupid phones are impossible to spell correctly…but when you go to a blog or write to a professor in college or comment on a message board? Give me a break. You have the time to write out everything and to proofread it. If you don’t, then maybe you don’t need to write it at all.

  3. I absolutely abhor “text speak” and on the rare occasion that I actually send a text message, it is sent complete with full-word spelling, grammar and all the associated punctuation. It annoys the hell out of me when I recieve messages in text speak as it takes twice as long (often longer) to decypher whatever it is they’re trying to say. It’s even worse when it’s a combination of letters and numbers (why do they even bother? It takes longer to do that because you haveto think of which number is substituted for a particular letter! e.g. “U R L4M3 – I M L337”).

    When I’m taking notes I’ll admit to using abbreviations such as “time of ctte mtg has chg’d”, but when I put those notes to use, I always translate in full (my abreviations are for my own use only and nobody else ever sees them – and all my abbreviations are ones I use on a daily basis, so they never get mistaken for anything else). I’m also learning shorthand at the moment, which also utilises abbreviations, but still, everything gets translated in FULL ENGLISH.

    I’ll also admit to being a little bit of a Language Nazi – when it comes to spelling, grammar and punctuation, I know I’m not perfect, but I at least TRY to be correct in whatever I write or say, and I’m always happy to be corrected.

  4. gracemore

    I used to write my notes ina similar fashion in high school, but I would rewrite them properly in the evenings when I got home, this was also a technique used to go over the material a second time.

    I always made sure though to write properly even when I am writing to friends and family.

    You do have a point though, because I have noticed it also.