Oh What Fun…

MIL called last night and asked us if we wanted a “captain’s bed”. I had no idea what the hell that was so I had to ask her…it is a platform bed that has drawers underneath it. I thought that was great…we had been looking for a bed like that for Babyhead but they are soo expensive we just never got one. Up until now his twin mattresses just sat on the floor since he was 18 months old when we bought them. I was scared he would hurt himself falling out of bed so I never put a frame under them.

Anyway, it was a cousin’s neighbor who was getting rid of the bed. The woman decided to turn their spare room into an office and was getting rid of the furniture…so it was FREE. FREE is always good! They brought it over last night and it is in remarkable shape. Apparently she said they never used it! Wow. DH and I (mostly DH) put it together late last night and no sooner had we gotten the mattress on the there that Babyhead decided to JUMP off of it. In case you are wondering, those beds are HIGH:

He needs the little red chair to get up there…

I know, he is going to kill himself on this thing. We do have a rail for a twin bed, but he has always been good about not falling off…he usually sleeps crossways anyway with his feet hanging off. He has only fell off his bed once when we just got it…after that I think it adjusted to the new dimensions…so falling off I am not worried about. It is the super man jumps that worry me…but then again he does those off the back of the couch too so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Of course, maybe I can just put him in the bed with DH and I sleep on the bed…It is much higher than ours and as my pregnancy progresses it is getting more and more difficult to roll out of bed…hmm…have to think on that one…



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3 responses to “Oh What Fun…

  1. Free stuff is always good! 🙂

    I think he’ll be okay. The first time he jumps off it and hurts himself (hopefully nothing serious, and chances are it won’t be) he’ll learn not to do that anymore.

  2. The base on this one is all one piece…and like I said he can get into it (the chair helps) and he hasn’t fell off of the mattress part since the one time when we bought it almost 2 years ago. The good thing is…we will never have to buy him another one. This one should do for a looong time.

  3. We bought a captain’s bed for Little Man around the time we took away his standing of being an only child. 🙂 He and that Middle One have since moved on to bunkbeds, and we had to set it up in the baby’s room. It was WAY too high for her as well, but the drawers on ours are like a seperate piece… So we stored that part for now and just dropped down the mattress part. It’s now the perfect height!