Wow. This blog is 1yr old.

Now, I know I skipped some of the obligatory posts the bloggers tend to make like their 100th or 300th post or whatever. I never paid attention to what number my posts were. However, this year has snuck up on me and I feel the need to commemorate it. I look back at some of my first posts and I can hardly believe I am the one that wrote them.

I started this blog for no particular reason. A way to get out feelings and ideas to the world, whether or not the world really read or cared about them. The point was they were out there and not in my head anymore. I can actually say it has been very therapeutic…since I very rarely see myself in my old posts anymore.

Thanks to all my blog friends as well…since this is most of the adult human interaction I get during the day anymore…I have to say I am glad I found this place!

In celebration, You will find some of my “Best of” posts below:

Climbing up the Slide of Depression

Do It Anyway

Absolute Truths and Religious Tolerance

Life is Like a Bowl of Oatmeal

The Path Less Taken


Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Weird Thoughts

Morning Crisis

The Minds of Men

That last one was close on the heels of me getting pregnant this time around…so after that I really don’t have anything really interesting…I blame “mommy brain” for not being able to think of anything thought provoking/intelligent/funny.

Anyway, here’s to a year!


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