Children are NOT mini adults….

No matter what you think, they are not like adults. They have different needs than adults, they grow different, they think different. You cannot put the same guidelines on kids that you do adults. You just can’t.

There have been three reports of growth retardation and nutritional dwarfing in children on unmonitored [low-fat] diets…

And yet there are those that insist on putting children as young as INFANTS on dietary restrictions and fitness programs for no reason other than “fat prevention”. There are those that would take advantage of “mommy brain” and have parents believe that their kids need to go on a fat/sugar/carb restricted diet, even though it is has been shown that children need an enormous amount of fat (including dairy fats) and sugars to help sustain their growth and development.

….They reported that low-fat diets do not meet the nutritional needs for children and, instead, can interrupt normal growth and development. Sadly, diets recommending restricting fats to 30% of calories have been “translated by some in an overzealous, but well-intentioned, manner to provide as little fat as possible in the diet, leading to inadequate energy intake and compromised growth,” they said. The National Academies’ 2002 recommendations, they noted, are that children 1-3 years old to be allowed as much as 40% fat, and children and teens up to 18 years of age consumer up to 35% of their calories as fat (25-35%). ….

-Junkfood Science

You see…for adults, our growing days are over. We don’t need all the fats and sugars and carbs to keep our body going (with the exception of some athletes or those with dietary requirements). We are in the maintaining phase of our lives. Children are in the growing phase. There is a reason breastmilk is over 40% saturated fat! Because growing children need those fat calories for proper growth. Yet, because of the “obesity epidemic” mothers are starting to dilute their babies milk/formula for fear of them getting too much fat and becoming fat themselves.

However, this is the scariest part:

International child nutrition and eating expert and researcher, Jennifer O’Dea, MPH, PhD, from the University of Sydney in Australia, warned that with young people even unintentional “negative messages such as sugar and fat are ‘bad,’ and use of the term ‘junk food’ contribute to the underlying fear of food, dietary fat and eating problems.” According to her research, health education messages and government dietary guidelines since the 1970s, have resulted in an exponential rise in disordered eating and most young people have mistakenly come to believe that they are eating ‘healthy’ when they are actually dieting and restrictively eating.

(Emphasis mine.) -Junkfood Science

The information I have put in this post came form Sandy Szwarc at Junkfood Science. I trust her writing as she always sites the studies and information that she wrote her entries from, so I am confident she isn’t just spouting out what she thinks. Read about her here and make sure to add her blog to your blogroll/reader to keep up to date with the current health treands.

And please…feed your kids. Don’t buy into the hype.


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  1. Bravo!

    Babies are supposed to be chubby. They need that extra weight because they are growing so fast.

    Yes, there are a lot of overweight children in this country. Cut out the junk food and fast food and soda. Put them out into the yard to run and play, even if they’d prefer to play Nintendo. If parents do those common sense things, the obesity problem in almost all cases will cure itself.