You can’t tell me this isn’t child abuse…

Dad accused of forcing girl to kill pet cat.

A man was jailed Thursday on charges that he forced his 7-year-old daughter to kill the family cat by holding a knife in her hand and making her stab the pet.

Danield J. Collins, 39, told his children during a visit to his home Sunday that he wanted them to “learn how to kill” and gave his 11-year-old son a knife to do it, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

First off, it has been proven time and again that people that abuse/torture/kill animals are psychopaths and potential killers.

However, I can not imagine what the h*ll was going through this man’s mind to force his kids to kill their pet cat for no reason other than the fact he wanted them to learn how to kill. Kill what??? What for??? The kids say their dad was drunk that day…but to me that is no excuse. Poor kids are trying to take up for the dad…one of the people in their world that should love, protect, and care for them.

Instead he forced the little girl (7 years old) to hold the knife while he held her hand and stabbed her cat…then told his son (11) to throw the body in the trash.

This does not sound like love and protection. It sounds like mental abuse to me.

I don’t care if your an alcoholic and you don’t realize what you are doing…I don’t care if you are on drugs and stoned and you don’t realize what you are doing…abuse is abuse.

And these poor children will be scarred for life.



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5 responses to “You can’t tell me this isn’t child abuse…

  1. That is truly horrific!

  2. I saw that news story, and I agree with you. It is definitely abuse, and in fact it’s pretty shocking abuse. Drunkenness is definitely not an excuse for that.

  3. OMG, I saw the exact same article today and felt the same way. I get over the top irate when people are mean to animals (or old people, or children, or anyone vulnerable), but this takes the damn cake because it’s so horrendous all around. Those poor kids. That poor cat. I am not allowed to make the rules of the world, and that’s probably good, because this asshat would be locked up forever under my rules. Drunk or not, deliberate abuse or torture of an animal is disgusting and wrong and inexcusable. Forcing your children to do it (not sure if you saw that the poor little 7 year old first pretended he’d done it putting ketchup on the knife as blood – bless his heart) is absolute child abuse. Drunks make mistakes when drunk; this wasn’t a drunken mistake. This is cruelty. Uggh. I get so pissed of that people like this actually exist.

  4. Sandy

    Lol…you know, I never thought once about that. I guess you are right.


  5. Truly insane.

    On a lighter note, your banner probably indicates the reaction that felines around the country are probably having to this news…