Babyhead’s Birthmark – Nevus Sebaceous

***UPDATED: Babyhead did have his birthmark removed. Read about it using the links HERE & HERE .


Just thought I would post a picture of his birthmark in case anyone was wondering. You can see it doesn’t look like much so that is why we were never worried about it…however, if your child has one like this anywhere…you may want to have it checked out!!

nevus sebaceous
Sorry it isn’t a better picture…he was squirmy. 🙂


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  1. Janice

    My daughter was also born with one of these. However, when we saw a dermatologist he told us that it was simply a spot on her scalp that had not developed properly and that she could have it removed when she got older for cosmetic reasons if she wanted. My daughter is now 19 years old and we just found out today that it is really a sebaceous nevus. Unfortunately, the only reason we found out is because her sister spotted a new discolored growth on it. If I had known that this was what it was, we would have had it removed years ago and we would not be facing the possibility of cancer right now.

  2. Veronica –

    I am not sure what to tell you other than most of what I read is that it can turn into cancer if not removed by puberty due to hormone sensitivity. Good luck on getting it taken care of and check back (or subscribe to the RSS feed for this post) as a lot of people come here looking to give and get information.

    Wishing you the best,

  3. Veronica

    I am 18 years old, and I have had this sort of thing on my head all through out puberty.

    I just went to the dermatologist this week. They were planning on removing it, but I told them that Ive been having head aches in the area, and it had been bothering me since my first check up in January.

    She decided that instead of removing it I would need to have a biopsy. She said she had been thrown off guard.
    What I am afraid of is that it could have become cancerous.
    No one has mentioned anything about NS in older patients, except the man who had it on his chin. I hope that someone might be able to relate?

  4. tunz

    thanks for the info!! really helped!!
    will it hurt alot?? lol

  5. Randomness

    I was born with one of those things on my scalp. I had it removed when I was about 3. I don’t really remember the experience too well. I do remember getting the IV at the hospital. I guess because it hurt. And then the next thing I remember is my parents talking to me and having a really cool rooster balloon (latex glove =P ) the doc or nurse made me. I had to go back to have it removed again when I was about 12 yrs old. At that time they made the scar smaller as well because I had been self concious of the bald spot I had even though with my long hair no one ever really saw it unless they were brushing my hair. I am now 31 yrs old and have not had any more issues with it. I still have a small bald spot on my head but that is nothing compared to what I could’ve had if my parents had not had it removed. It is my understanding that it grows with the child. =/ For those of you wanting to wait to have it done…Don’t wait. Do it when the child is small enough that he/she won’t remember.

    [Thank you for you input! I think a lot of people coming here are looking for this information!]

  6. Colleen

    My now 13 yo son had his sebaceous nevus removed at age 2. Looked just like that. He is well and very handsome

  7. jess

    My son was born with a linear sebaceous nevus located on the inside of his eye. The nurses and my gp thought nothing of it but i had a gut feeling and bugged the doc till she sent me to a pediatrician i then went to a dermo. He had a brain scan at 4 months and got the all clear yah! We have a eye specialist app in 2 weeks (he is almost 1) and was just wondering if anyone knows exactly what damage these can do to the eye as the doctor hasn’t informed me of the details. Im so glad to hear im definatly not the only one going through this stress!

  8. Dey

    Thank you. That’s exactly my concern. I will wait and get a second opinion before going any further. Good luck to all.

  9. Dey

    My five month old was recently diagnosed with NS, after a biopsy was done. I noticed the birth mark as soon as he was born; it seemed strange. Fortunately, his Pediatrician immediately referred me to a ped derm. I am struggling with the time frame to have it removed. My sister, who is a NICU RN, recommends I take the baby to a specialized Children’s Hospital in Miami for a second opinion. I hate to put my five month old through this trauma, but it may just be a worse experience later. Any suggestions?

    • We had Babyhead’s done at a children’s hospital…they are obviously better for kids. However, don’t be in a rush to get anything done. Even at 3 years old the surgeon told us that we could wait a few years if we wanted to. Just hang tight and keep an eye on it for any changes…then when your child is a bit older take him to a surgeon to have it looked and and decided then. The older your child the more likely they are do to a local instead of putting him all the way asleep.

      Hope that helps.

  10. Heather

    Hi, my son is 4, he will be 5 march 31st. When he as born, he had one of those marks. The attending pediatrician came in and told me my child had a birth defect. I was terrified, she brought him in and showed me. I was relieved too see it was just a “birth mark” just last year, i was told that it was the nevus sebaceous. Its the size of babyheads, on the right side, and is well covered by his hair. I know it needs taken care of, but when?? They say it can cause cancer after he becomes a teen…. anyone know what causes this?

    I’m very concerned overall with this. My son has many behavior problems such as ADHD and OCD and ODD…. think there could be a link…. someone who knows more ..HELP!

    • [Hi! It is just what your dr said, a birth defect. The skin cells do not form properly. That is all. For whatever reason it can turn to cancer during puberty. The time to take if off depends on you and how you feel about it. I have other links listed above…but there just isn’t a whole lot of information on it. Any questions really need to be related to your doctor as they are the most knowledgeable!]

  11. Kara

    My daughter’s Sebaceous Nevus was diagnosed right after she was born. It was about the size of an egg. My pediatrician rx it be removed before puberty, but the dermatologist rx the sooner the better. The nevus would grow along with her scalp, but a scar will not grow. The plastic surgeon agreed. It took three surgeries to completely remove it. She had the last surgery just after her fourth birthday. Hopefully it will be only a faint memory. She did just fine. I would not rx waiting unless it is small enough that they can use a local anesthetic.

  12. Sara

    Like many of the post above, my ped. said “wait”. Twist on the above is that hers is not in her hair, hairline but in a line under her left eye. She is 11 and still pre-puberty. We have an appointment with a dermatologist but I have a feeling we will be referrred to a plastic surgeon (my preference due to it being a facial issue). Has anyone else had experience with Sebecesus Nevus on their child’s face?

  13. Marlyn

    I had my son in June of last year (2008) and noticed a scar-like patch on the right side of his head. I asked his pediatrician and she said it was nothing. I was not satisfied wit that answer. I also asked doctors and they said it was a birthmark, nothing to worry about. Eventually, after i kept insisting she take a better look at it or refer us to someone and she never did, we changed pediatricians (also because she never had the vaccinations he needed in stock) and asked the new dr.for a second opinon and she immediately said it was nevus sebaceous. She reffered us to a pediatric dermatologist. We were very worried and still are and we are debating on account of blogs whether we should have it removed immediately or wait due to the risk of the scar not healing properly. He is only seven months old and we have already noticed one of the listed symptoms:hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). We hope that those of you who have had children who have gone through this keep us in your prayers and please give any feedback that would be beneficial to our child’s well being. Thank you

  14. Rahn

    My son was born with a nevus sebaceous in 2003. My obstetrician noticed it after birth, and my pediatrician confirmed it the next morning. It was on the top of his head and oval shaped. About an inch long. I was told it could cause cancer in puberty, etc. It had never bothered him before, and wasn’t noticeable because my son has long, wispy, thick, “skater boy” hair. But lately, I noticed my son itching the spot. It would go from a yellow, to red and bumpy (especially when he’d say it was, itchy). I would always put sunscreen on it as well to prevent sunburns.

    My next door neighbor here in, Michigan, where we live by the name of, Dr. Ayoub Sayeg is a phenomenal plastic surgeon in the area. We are lucky enough to have known him. He was after my husband and I to remove the spot from my son’s head. I was always a bit leery because my uncle, who is a plastic surgeon as well, had made the procedure to be a full on surgery. Anesthesia and a possible second surgery. I just didn’t want to put my son through that if it wasn’t necessary. My neighbor kept telling us that the procedure was quick, simple, and very safe. So finally last Thursday I called the office to make an appointment and, yesterday (Monday) our son had his nevus sebaceous successfully removed! It was a 10-15 min procedure done right in his office. He administered local anesthesia, and my son took it like a champ! The results are amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I wish I had listened to, Dr. Sayeg a long time ago!!!

    My son is a Kindergartener and loves school, but I decided to keep him home from school, just to give him a day to rest. Although he played Wii with his cousin all morning, lol. He is doing extremely well, and the spot is completely gone. You can’t even tell where the NV was! I’m here to tell any and all parents not to worry like I did. Find a good trusted plastic surgeon, or come see mine. It was the best decision I made, and I feel like a load lifted off of my shoulder. It always clouded my thoughts and now no more. Good luck and God bless!

    • Thanks for writing your experience! I have noticed a lot of people come to these posts for answers and advice. I am so glad things went well for your son!


  15. chris

    Nick, I’m sorry to hear about such an awful experience
    between all these doctors. Maybe you can see a plastic surgeon to look at what they did and see if they can improve any scar tissue etc…maybe recut and reheal.

    Sandy, I figured it was an age thing, but wasn’t for sure.
    Yes, a 3 year old would have a hard time sitting still for sure!!!
    Best, Chris

  16. Nick

    Hello, I just had nevus sebaceous scrapped off of my chin by my dermatologist. I think that he royally messed up my chin forever. I am 34yrs old now and they told my mother it was a birth mark. I had to deal with it for many years and I finally got totally fed up with trying to hide it. The first stupid dermatologist that I went to thought it was a cluster of warts and kept freezing me. The only thing that did was make my chin look beat red and like total crap. So then I went to another dermatologist and he opted to trim it down. I think the trim job was a total waste of my time and I am getting very angry at this point about the whole situation. He should of cut it down to the fat layer and then stitched me up.

    And I am really angry at my parents for not taking care of this when I was a child. It was small when I was a child but over 34 years it traveled up my chin. I have been trying to get it off of me for 1 1/2 years now and it looks like total crap. Pulling those nasty white little oil glands out of my face is so fun. Not.

    Good luck and get lots of opinions first before you let the morons touch you.

  17. Chanda

    My pediatrician told me when she was born it was a mark where she rubbed against my chest bone. I had twins and she was the one on top. Well I got concerned because it had started to looked like a raw piece and I didn’t think that rubbing against me could do so much damage. Well, I just took my her to the dermatologist yesterday. It was nevus sebaceous. The doctor told me to not worry about it until she hit puberty that as only 2rs old and it was nothing to be concerned about right now. I am kinda concerned that most of you have chosen to remove it at an early age. It puts a question in my mind if I should go ahead or wait.

  18. They had to put him to sleep because he was only 3 and not capable of sitting still long enough to do a local anesthetic.