Saw the Surgeon today…isn’t good…

Well, took Babyhead to the surgeon today. He has a birthmark on his head that looks like a scar and his pediatrician wanted the surgeon to look at it. He said that it might turn into something “bad” and just wanted the surgeon to look at in just in case, but that he wasn’t worried. So I wasn’t worried.

We had this appointment for a month. Dreaded going as it is in the City. We had no clue where we were going. We got to the Children’s Hospital and my god this place was crazy. I realize it was set up for kids, but it was sooooo confusing! After much searching for a parking spot in the garage, we finally made it in the building…we were greeted by a security officer that told us we had to have a visitor’s pass… (???). We find the floor the surgeon was on, but I couldn’t remember the suite…and of course they didn’t have a directory. So we wandered around a few minutes until we found his name.

We were there WAY early, so Babyhead got to play with the other children there. Poor kids, one little one looked like he had deformed hands, another girl had her ear reconstructed…but everyone was having fun. After waiting for an hour (remember we got there WAY early) we were finally called back just in time as Babyhead decided to push a little girl down and I had to hold him in my lap so he wouldn’t be mean again.

We get in the room, he asked us why we were there. I mention Babyhead’s pedi wanted him to look at this mark on his head and he says, “Oh, that is a nevus sebaceous. We will have to cut that out since it can turn into cancer.”


He says that it can turn into cancer in his teens but it is better to take it out now than to wait. He gives us the card to his surgery nurse to make an appointment whenever we want. Then we go home. DH and I talk about it on the way home and decide to do it sooner rather than later…it would be better to have it done now while I can devote all my attention to him once he gets out than after the baby’s born. Ok…so we are decided on that and the fact that we were definitely going to look it up when we got home.

We get home, I look it up…and this is what it says:

Later in life, some lesions may develop various types of appendageal tumors, such as trichoblastoma; syringocystadenoma papilliferum; basal cell carcinoma; and, less commonly, nodular hidradenoma, sebaceous epithelioma, apocrine cystadenoma, eccrine carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sebaceous carcinoma, spiradenoma, and keratoacanthoma.

Basically, if we do nothing the spot could turn into benign or malignant tumors/skin cancer. The article also said that most of the time hormones affect the spot(s) and that these bad changes can happen when he goes through puberty.

So…after looking at the info I found (and I did look at other sources though there isn’t much info on it)…we decided that surgery is the best option and we no longer have to convince ourselves of it. I don’t want to revisit this in a few years when he is older and find out we waited too long and he ends up with some kind of bad cancer. But at the same time…I also have a hard time envisioning him on an operating table with IVs stuck in him either.

Either way…my baby is going to have surgery.

Being a mother is hard sometimes.



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7 responses to “Saw the Surgeon today…isn’t good…

  1. pennykennedy

    Hi there,

    Was wondering if you could email me the name of your surgeon?

    [I live quite a few miles from you up north. Unless you are willing to get on a plane or drive 24 hours your best bet would be to find someone close to you especially if you have a children’s hospital close by.]

  2. I will at some point, I just never think about it. 🙂 I just looks like any other scar.

  3. Penny K

    Thank you so much for posting this story. My daughter is 9 weeks old and has a NS on the side of her face near her right ear. My pediatrician noticed it right away on her first visit and wants us to see a derm before she’s 6 months. If possible, could you please post a recent photo of your wee one now that his scar has healed? I’d like to see what it looks like now, so I can prepare myself for what my daughters may be like after surgery. Yours is probably less prominent as it’s covered in hair, mine unfortunately will be on her little face, poor baby.

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  5. le

    I was just looking at your page, as my daughter (12months) also has a nevus sebaceous on her scalp. I noticed it right away at birth, and was told by my ob and a pediatrician that it was a birthmark. I was worried…because it didn’t look like a birthmark to me. I went to my regular doctor who (thank god!) is on top of things, and she sent us to a pediatric dermatologist. After waiting 4 months to get an appointment, he took one look at it, and told me it was a nevus sebaceous, and that it would need to be removed before she reached puberty. Quite honestly, I feel that is too long to wait. I know it is horrible to say, but I would rather have it dealt now (even though she’s tiny and small, and I don’t want to see her hooked up with tubes etc..)with than wait 12 years to finally have it removed. Thanks for sharing your story. I am going to go back to this guy and ask for it to be removed if possible.

  6. Sandy

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    We haven’t set a date yet, I have to call the nurse to set it up. Not in a huge rush (he just said within the year). I am actually going to call today to see if we can get it in late April before the baby is born…but you can never tell with surgeons.

    The scariest thing is knowing that he is going to be on the table with tubes hooked up to him. I think they usually let one parent sit with them when they go under and when they wake up. It is a plus that it is just a 15 minutes procedure…so it isn’t like we are going to have to wait for hours…but still. To think my baby is going to be unconscious on an operating table is horrible.

    And you are right…knowing it is the right thing doesn’t make it easier!

  7. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that your baby has to have surgery! That is so tough for you to go through, but after reading that link, you are absolutely, without any doubt whatsoever, doing the right thing. Thank goodness it was recognized for what it is while he is still little, before it has a chance to change into anything else!

    Of course, knowing you are doing the right thing doesn’t take away any of the stress and worry of having to have surgery on your little guy. I know how horrifying and stressful it is to be faced with those particular kinds of scary medical issues with a child, so I feel for you more than you can know.

    Do you know when he will be having the surgery yet? Please let us know how things are going, and how you are holding up. I will be definitely be thinking about you.