OMG When will it end??

I think this happened in Ontario…but that is not the point. The point is that it is happening somewhere and it may happen here in the USA one day.

I am talking about taking custody away from parents merely because the children were considered fat.

Now, I am all for taking kids away for being abused. Many kids really do need to be taken away from their worthless parents. The kids that are beaten, molested and neglected. But to take (or try to take) kids away because of weight? Give me a break. There are many kids that start out fat and end up being slim with no dieting. One of my sisters is a perfect example. She was always on the heavy side until she became a teen…then slimmed down.

What concerns me though is all the emphasis on staying thing while young. We are creating this myth that thin is best and passing it on to our children. Then these kids are going to start thinking they need to be thin at any cost…even if it means binging and purging, or just not eating at all. The next thing you know the children will have eating disorders and end up with heart failure, osteoporosis, and many other conditions related to malnutrition.

Many of these children will die chasing the dream that thin is best…and that you can’t be thin enough. Maybe their hearts will give out for lack of energy to work. Maybe they will commit suicide because they just can’t seem to lose enough weight.

So tell me, how is taking kids that are otherwise happy healthy children the right thing to do? How is demonizing fat to children a good thing? How is making children think that fat needs to be done away with, no matter the cost, in their best interest?

Especially when this whole “epidemic” is what the drug companies want.

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2 responses to “OMG When will it end??

  1. Agreed. It’s amazing what they will take children for and what they’ll blatantly ignore…

  2. I absolutely agree with you. This is insanity.