My son is obsessed with Star Wars…more specifically At-Ats, or as he calls them, “backacks”.  At first he was obsessed with light sabers.  He was using a couple of microphones from another toy for a while as the light sabers.  After he started whacking them together (it was a $60 toy) we took him to Walmart and got him some “real” light sabers.  He has been in heaven ever since.

But then, we put in Empire Strikes Back and he as been obsessed with backacks ever since.  He will walk around on all fours imitating them…he even has the sound effects down pat!  After a few minutes he will act like he has been tripped (just like they do on ESB) and falls over. Occasionally he will pretend he is shooting us with the “pewpewpewpew” sound.  Sometimes he will run up to his with his light sabers and insist we fight with him.  Too funny!

He is too cute for his own good!

Anyway, there is something to be said for seeing your child fall in love with a movie you used to love as a child.  I love showing him old movies and him getting excited over them, just like I used to!

I guess it just goes to show that they are still classics!



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3 responses to “Backacks

  1. I was at a prehistory park today with demonstrations of swordfighting through the ages from Romans onwards. They ended with a lightsabre fight. Your little’un would have been in 7th heaven! As it was, we were all squealing with excitement like a bunch of kids and making all the noises (which the lightsabres are also doing, but the way – too cool!) and cheering as Darth Vader got beaten. Ahaha! It was the best ever day out. 🙂

    oh, and we saw plenty of cool historical things too, but we just couldn’t get over the lightsabre fight!

  2. LOL. The Middle One calls it “Star Whores”… We really need to work on that ‘w’ sound.

  3. carolinahaze

    Don’t show him Return of the Jedi, IT’S A TRAP!!