If you are pregnant or thinking of having kids…

No matter what you decide to do as far as hospital birth or home birth…look at these videos and take in what this woman is saying. Her name is Ina May Gaskin. She is a lay midwife in Tennesse that lives and teaches on a commune.

With a few people I know pregnant or trying to get that way I wanted to post these videos. I actually forget where I came across her name today as I have been trying to watch these videos. I do have to say that I wish I had known a lot of this stuff she talks about with my son. I probably would have still had to have a c-section…but I think had I been armed with this information I may have not have been so terrified and made the experience a lot more tolerable at the very least.

Even though I will have another c-section with this one, I will still think about what she said and try to apply it to my situation to help ease me into life with a preschooler and newborn!



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  1. elfie33

    I live about a mile from The Farm where Ms. Gaskin lives. I’ve meet her a few times on visits, she is a very nice lady and does a lot for women all over the world.

  2. Sandy

    What do you mean she doesn’t do late babies? It is dangerous to go past 42 weeks as the placenta will only work for so long…but if you are only 38 weeks you still have a while to go before worrying about it….REMEMBER…they can’t MAKE you do anything. If you aren’t ready to go in, then just don’t.


  3. Reading Ina May Gaskin only confirmed my feelings that birth is a natural process and something to look forward to, rather than be terrified of.

    And, being infertile and having to go through IVF, pregnancy has been a terrifying, and after 7 months, enjoyable, and at 38w, back to terrifying and upsetting, ride. Can you tell I’m having OB issues?

    Anyway. I’ve had a great OB up to yesterday, and now, well, now I think I need to get a spine, because she ‘doesn’t do’ late babies, even though this is my first pregnancy and I’m only 38w – with no problems, I should add. This might be my only pregnancy and birth and I just want to experience as much of it naturally as I can…I’m scared I’ll cave. I wish IMG lived closer to me, so I could consult or at least talk to other women about how to handle the whole situation.


  4. Sandy

    I had a c-section because my pelvis is misshapen and my son couldn’t fit through one side. I actually did go to a midwife clinic with him, but they never said anything like she talked about. They didn’t listen to me or my concerns and I felt like I was always being blown off as being “a new mom” that didn’t know anything. I was constantly giggled at when I would voice a concern or complaint and was told that it was just part of being pregnant.

    I was all about the natural birth, but I didn’t have insurance at the time (my DH got laid off right before so we were on welfare) and we were limited on where we could go in the area. I was 41.5 weeks when I, crying in their office, finally convinced them to do something. I knew in my heart that something was wrong and I couldn’t go into labor on my own…I am very conscious of the way my body works and am very good at listening to it!

    They did put the gel on my cervix, didn’t really help though. They put me on the drip. They also gave me meds to help me sleep as I was wired by that point. I actually didn’t have truly agonizing pain until the midwife wanted to put on the head monitor on him and the pressure catheter…when I was only 2 cm (and had been that way all day). She actually wanted to send me HOME. I had to fight tooth and nail to stay in the hospital and it wasn’t until she had them do an ultrasound to check his size that I was able to talk to a dr…he asked me what I wanted to do…I told him I wanted to stay and have the baby…that I knew that if I went home something would go wrong…he agreed…and then she came in my room later seeming a little miffed that the dr said I should stay. It was the day before New Year’s Eve…I have to wonder if she didn’t want to get home…the previous midwife who sent me to the hospital didn’t stay with me long…she go the hell out of dodge as soon as she could. The more I dealt with them the more tense I got! I didn’t dilate until they gave me the epidural and I passed out.

    Now, I feel totally comfortable with my doctor. He is actually the one that did my c-section the first time! I was so excited when he moved to my Gyn practice! I am one of the few who have had bad experiences with midwives, and only good experiences with doctors. I guess I am lucky to have a doctor that actually listens to me. It is weird because I thought that is what midwives were supposed to do!

    But then again, the ones I were seeing were nothing like Ina May Gaskin.

  5. flutterbyski

    i discovered ina may gaskin around 11 1/2 years ago when pregnant with my baby number 2. she’s a wonderful inspiration.

    it seems to me though that only those of us that have had less than perfect experiences seem to find women like her and be inspired, those yet to conceive or give bith to their firsts do seem blinded to the need to be informed.

    if only we still lived in big communities we might see more inspiration and then there’d be less need for inspiration – if that makes sense.

    i don’t know why you had your first section, mine was poor positioning and i had my second due to my obstetricians fear of natural birth. it took me 9 years to consider any more children.
    my third child, born 2 years ago, was a vaginal birth in the hospital, i re-read ina may and kept so much of her thoughts in my head throughout my 27 hour labour – at no point did i think of the pain as negative, it was all positive. baby number 4 is due tomorrow (and will arrive when he/she is good and ready in spite of me now being bored of being pregnant!!) and is planned as a homebirth, i’m actually looking forward to the sensations of labour.

    i wish that you could experience this for yourself, i’m sorry for you if it’s not possible, but remember that fear from professionals need not be a reason to not experience it.

    i don’t mind whether you publish my comment, that’s entirely up to you, my blog is quite annonymous as i’m quite private. i just have quite strong feelings about birth and the negativity surrounding it so felt the need to comment.

    however you give birth, enjoy the experience as best you can. whatever happens it is the birth of your baby and we do the best we can for them with what we have.

    good luck and best wishes