To the mysterious “Paul” and anyone else who uses my contact page

Though I realize that I put the contact page at the top for people to contact me…I did not put it there to be spammed or solicited. I have no clue why you used my contact page since all you said was “can I talk to you”…but because that is all you said, I am certainly not going to email you back, thus giving you my email address.

However, if you legitimately wanted to speak with me about something feel free to comment to this post. The comments are moderated so it will not show up until I approve them…and if you say in your comment you don’t want it to be public, then I won’t approve it for everyone else to see, but will still be able to read what you wanted to say to me for good or ill.

Otherwise, don’t bother contacting me again.

I am not in the market for straight s*ex, g*ay s*ex, more than one partner at a time, animal s*ex, s*ex toys or s*exual enhancers. I am happily married to a wonderful man and therefore not interested in anyone or anything else. Thank you.

Nor am I interested in the “winnings” from some lottery I don’t remember entering, or letting you use my bank account to store your oh so millions of dollars even if it means I am going to get some of that cash for myself. I would just rather be poor.

I am also not interested in accepting checks to be deposited so I could send you the balance (or whatever the hell that SCAM entails). I may be a woman, I may be from the South, I may even be stupid…but I am not THAT stupid. I am not interested in purchasing anything from you. Chances are you have nothing I want or need to purchase.

Thank you and have a nice day!



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2 responses to “To the mysterious “Paul” and anyone else who uses my contact page

  1. Sandy

    That’s true. But there have been cases where I wanted to ask someone a question but not on the blog and wished I could contact them another way …hence the contact page on MY blog…not that I say anything spectacular that people would want to email me privately. LOL

    We think it was a bot or something that was trying to start a phishing scam. Idiots. They must be poor losers indeed if all they do is try to get someone’s email so they can phish or plant a virus. It’s like…dude…get a LIFE.

  2. I despise getting comments like that, too. I think it’s more than a little creepy. After all, the blog itself provides for conversation, so there is no legitimate reason for a complete stranger to contact you off the blog.