Last night was actually nice.

Other than the flowers DH sent me…I didn’t get anything. And that is ok. I really don’t need a bunch of useless trinkets. Jewelry ends up in a box somewhere gathering dust…and the fact that I am not only 20 weeks pregnant but we have also been warned off of sex makes lingerie out of the question for now.

So what did we do?

We went to Cracker Barrel. Mmmm. Not many people there…I think in part because Cracker Barrel isn’t the most romantic place and the fact we were there very early (DH gets off work at 3:00). So, I had the big bowl of pinto beans and cornbread (YUMMY) and DH had the roast beef dinner. Our usual. So romantic huh? He did offer to take me to Olive Garden…but I really wanted pinto beans. The only downside was they forgot my onions to go with it.

Then we went to see Spiderwick Chronicles. Yea, a kids show. But it was actually pretty good and I am never really into chick flicks. Again we got there early enough that there were almost no people there. Then came home, watched some TV, and ate strawberries with chocolate out of the fondue pot.

All very romantic and cheap not too expensive. I really don’t understand why V-Day has to be so expensive if you ask me. We had a very nice time out, spent very little money and enjoyed ourselves. I guess if you would rather have some kind of piece of jewelry that would cost the equivalent of the down payment on a house…that is fine…or go into debt for a month or two for a dinner that is overpriced…that is ok too.

For me though…if DH bought me a piece of jewelry that was so expensive he will be paying on it for years…I would punch him in the face. I would rather that money be put into an account to buy a house. If he tried to take me to some over priced restaurant I would laugh in his face. I really don’t get into “gourmet” food (unless it is Red Robin).

Anyway, just wanted to post about my lovely cheap not too expensive evening. I hope everyone had an equally nice V-Day!


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  1. Sounds like you had a nice one though, Sandy! It’s all about what works for each individual couple. See….the BF and I are still new, so if he went and got me some expensive jewelry, say, a diamond engagement ring (LOL), I would be overjoyed.

    Later down the road, I know it won’t be as important to do so much. 🙂

    We went to a local bar and had all-u-can-eat crab legs….yummy! It was busy but it was just because it was crab night at that bar, not due to Valentine’s Day.

    [Sandy Says: See though…even if it was an engagement ring I would still punch him in the face if it was that expensive! I think someone told me it is supposed to be worth 3 months salary or something…WTF! I could put a down payment on a house or at least pay closing costs for that kind of money!!! My Engagement ring wasn’t expensive…and technically not an engagement ring…it is a sapphire with a few smaller diamonds on each side. I love it. It wasn’t enough to put us in debt for years and years. LOL]