On Valentine’s Day

I see a lot of people writing your usual V-Day articles…what to do, what to buy, what to eat, etc. That is just sickening. I also see a lot of people banning V-Day either because they are single and feel left out, or maybe they feel it is a useless holiday and that they show their love for their partners every day. I can buy that, actually.

Instead of thinking of Valentine’s day as a reason to by overpriced roses or see it as useless…how about this…

In today’s world we are so busy running around making sure deadlines are met, kids are at soccer practice, dinner made, bills paid and any number of other things that happen in daily life…use Valentine’s day to just focus on each other. I don’t mean buying useless cards (I think they are a waste of paper anyway) and stupid gifts that will just get put in a closet to collect dust and spend a ton of money on roses (that will die soon) and jewelry (that you will most likely be afraid to wear or at best just clean out your savings)…just sit and enjoy each other without worrying about bills, groceries, and taking your kids to practice.

You can make it into a family holiday if you want or find a sitter and just be the two of you. I try to show my love to my husband everyday, I try to thank him for working so hard so I can stay at home with our child(ren). I try tell him how good of a father and husband he is and how much he is appreciated, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I do this all year around.

But on Valentine’s day we make it about us. He usually gets me flowers…and most of the time they are from the grocery store (and I really don’t care)! He knows how I feel about jewelry, I could care less and it is way to expensive when we could buy things that we both can enjoy or put it away in savings. Sometimes I get a card if he finds one particularly funny (I do the same…we hate sappy cards) and maybe the occasional stuffed animal (I try to get DH a pink monkey with a tail every year because it is funny…but I couldn’t find one this year. 😦 ). But most of all we just get MIL to watch Babyhead and we just have a date night. A night were we don’t worry about the every day mundaneness of life. We may go see a movie, sometimes we eat out…a few times we just ordered pizza. Whatever we feel like for that day.

I guess what I am trying to say is to not buy into the commercialized hype. Don’t worry about the special card or roses or the jewelry. Just think of it as a day off from life to enjoy each other…either as a couple or a family. If you are single…then find other single friends and make it more about a friendship thing than a lovers thing.

The way I see it…Life is too short to not take advantage of the one day everyone else will be taking advantage of as well. Ok, so you try to show your love and affection every other day…why not today as well? Tomorrow something could happen…and you may regret giving up the opportunity.


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  1. Great post, honey! I think that it can easily be applied to ANY holiday, you know?