Monday Funk

This is my weekend wrap up of events…just a little summary of things that went on in the Insane Household.

Super Bowl Sunday
Patriots played a terrible game.  DH is thoroughly depressed they didn’t win.  Even went so far as to throwing a mini tantrum.  I will never understand men and sports.

DH Doesn’t Know How to Count Money
I waited until today to do some laundry because DH said there wasn’t enough money to even wash one load.  On our way to a friend’s house Sunday I found 8 quarters in the car (it takes 12 total to wash and dry one) and decided to add them to the quarter jar and see if I could at least wash and dry one load (running out of underwear ya know.)  However, when I poured out the quarters in the jar…there was enough to wash and dry THREE loads…and that doesn’t count the 8 quarters I found in the car.  So, I waited to wash clothes until we had the quarters for no reason.  Silly DH.

Babyhead is starting to correct my language
On the surface this seems like a great thing…but I haven’t old you exactly what he corrected yet.  I was playing a computer game and something I didn’t want to happen, did.  I said, “son of a gun”, and Babyhead proceeds to correct me and say, “No mommy,not son of a gun, son of a b*itch.”.  At least he has his curses down.

 “Fat Bill” Update
Read the update on my earlier post here.

Read about protests to the bill here.



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2 responses to “Monday Funk

  1. I so do not miss coin laundry!!! I hoarded quarters like they were Hope Diamonds!

    “Son of a b*tch”……LOL!

  2. haha, that last part of babyhead correcting you and *what* he corrected truly made me chuckle. 🙂 I can’t wait.