Want to hear something totally unbelievable?

UPDATED: Apparently some think this law is salvageable if they change the wording to make it where kids cannot eat at fast food chains without a parent/guardian and can only order certain items. Check out the link here.

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Lawmakers in Mississippi have proposed legislation to prohibit restaurants from serving food to “obese” people. If you don’t believe me, look here. Everyone should be concerned, not just “obese” people…because you might be next.

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I can’t even really comment, as I am speechless.



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3 responses to “Want to hear something totally unbelievable?

  1. Sandy

    But what an a*ss to even suggest such a thing! I mean…if anything that is just plain unconstitutional and right up there with segregation and discrimination.


    DH said that is just a sign that those in Mississippi need to vote him out of office and find a new rep.

  2. I have since read that the lawmaker doesn’t expect it to actually pass, but said he did it to bring attention to the problem of obesity in that state.

    Um, yeah. What an idiot.

  3. HUH?!?!??!?!?! Wow, I guess I can’t eat in Mississippi then.