Traveling Gnome

Since so many people like to post pictures of different things, I thought I would post some old pictures of our Traveling Gnome (I don’t like putting too many pictures of us up here because…well…I can’t monitor who comes here and some people are creepy). DH and some friends went to Origins, a gaming convention, and decided to take a gnome and show his adventures on their way from Philly, PA to Columbus, OH. Here are some of the better pictures:

German Gamer Chick

Who says all gamer chicks are ugly?


Super Hero Chick

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Gamer Chick!


Star Wars

Who knew Storm Troopers like gaming?


Road sign

He had to get a picture of this for his Gnome Family to see.

Unfortunately, poor Mr. Gnome didn’t make it through the move. He was broken into pieces somehow and we had to put him to rest.

Mr. Gnome

R.I.P. Mr. Gnome 2006



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  1. I am seriously scared of the lady. Really scared.