Cloverfield – Movie review (and other stuffs)

We went to see the movie “Cloverfield” last night. I won’t get into all the details of the movie in case anyone wants to see it…but I will say DH and I were very pleased with it. There aren’t very many movies we see out now days where we actually thought we got our money’s worth.

I will warn you though, it IS a monster movie…but it isn’t in your typical movie format. It is in the “Blair Witch” format in that it is all from first person video camera footage. What you see in the previews is pretty much the whole movie, though DH and I totally agree it worked for this movie. I don’t think it would have been as good a show if it had been in regular format. I just wanted anyone that planned on seeing it to know that. We heard a lot of grumbles going out that the movie sucked…and we think that may partly be because they expected your typical monster movie.

I have to say, some parents are stupid. There was at least one couple that took their small child (5 maybe 6 years old?) in to this movie. This is NOT a child’s movie!!! There is a lot of death, destruction, blood and let’s not mention MONSTERS. You know, if you can’t find a sitter at least see a child friendly movie. DH and I both just wanted to shake those people…but on the other hand there was a good chance they were up all night with their kid with nightmares and maybe even be up all this week with them. I just feel sorry for the poor kid being terrified these things are gonna get him at night.

There are a lot of reviews saying that it was like 9/11. I can honestly say I, personally, didn’t see it until it was pointed out to me. I have to wonder if they said that because it happens in Manhattan. I guess if you are very very sensitive to that kind of stuff, you may not want to see it. But would it have been any different if it was Godzilla or Mothra or something stomping through NYC? Would they liken it to 9/11 as well? It seems anything now days that has to do with NYC it automatically linked to 9/11 even if that wasn’t what the makers did. All I know is very few movies that the critics like I like and vice versa.

One last thing about the movie…because it is like “The Blair Witch” be careful seeing this movie if you are prone to motion sickness! Even though I totally enjoyed the movie…I felt nauseous at some times because of the camera running.


I was soo totally happy and surprised to see more than one dad out with his small child still in diapers…actually taking them to change their diapers!!! We went to Chili’s afterward and there was a dad that took his toddler to the bathroom, diaper bag in hand. We went to Barnes and Noble after that, and again there was a dad with a small child, diaper in hand, heading to the bathroom.

That kinda thing makes me feel all gooey inside to know that Dads are finally able to step up to the plate. Not to say they couldn’t…but I feel that with my parents generation men were taught they didn’t have the skills to take care of small children. I know I had to (and still do sometimes) fight tooth and nail to get the ILs to lay off of DH when he took care of Babyhead. They would always laugh and then try to take Babyhead away like DH was incompetent. I made it very clear to DH before Babyhead was born to not let them take over. He will only learn how to take care of his own child when he does take care of him. DH got very good and standing up for himself on taking care of Babyhead. I was so proud! 🙂

You go Hands On Dads!



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  1. Sandy

    If you don’t believe me about Cloverfield motion sickness…read this:

    And make sure to wear you Seabands!

  2. Great! We’re going to the movies tomorrow night and this was on our list of maybes… but man, I hated watching the Blair Witch. Ugh.

    And hands on dads are soooooo hot. 🙂

  3. I saw “27 Dresses” this weekend, lol. Predictable chick flick of course, but it was pleasant.

    I like seeing “Hands-On Dads” myself but it’s also kind of hard for me to praise them for doing what they should be doing anyway, what moms have been doing with little or no praise for so long 🙂 I do know that does stem from them being taught they didn’t know what they were doing though.

    [Sandy says: That is the thing though…men throughout history have been taught they can’t do these things so they don’t try. I like to see men realizing that yes they CAN do these things…and do them. Because, ultimately they will think more of their partners because then they will KNOW what it takes to take care of children and give the women a break.]