Gingerbread Projects!

Only because this progesterone has me loopy and insane I thought I would share with you our Gingerbread Project Pictures from the past. We try to do one every year but it doesn’t always work. All of these are from scratch and just designed on the fly. We are most proud of the ship.

Gingerbread Tower

Gingerbread Ship

Ginberbread Coloseum



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2 responses to “Gingerbread Projects!

  1. Oh crappo, I can never see any kind of videos or these slide show thingys 😦 A couple years ago, my friend and I found this website with this lady who posted some gingerbread photos that she was so proud of. Well, the creations were reallllllly bad, LOL. Every year now, around this time, we go back to her website and laugh at her gingerbread creations. I am sure yours aren’t bad like those, even though I can’t see them!!

  2. Wow, very nice! I’m impressed! Especially given my recent gingerbread disaster!!