Reason to have kids – Comic Relief

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Kids are a lot of work and extremely stressful.  The rewards for that are intangible though and no one can explain it to someone who doesn’t want or doesn’t have children.

With that said I have to admit the biggest joy I get from my son is the comic relief.  Usually happens when I need it most and it is always unexpected.  So, I will share with you the most recent conversation I had with my soon to be 3yr old son.

This morning we jumped out of bed to wait for the pest control guy to come.  The people upstairs has a flea problem and they were migrating down here…so he is going to assess how bad we have them (I have seen one in 3 days) and maybe put out traps (I told them no chemicals because of my pregnancy).  We still had some big tubs of Christmas stuff in the living room that I wanted to move out of the way so he could at least move around the room.

As I was getting a few things done, putting things away in the bedroom, I hear a cry from my son in the living room.  I go to see what is up and he is saying, “It’s broken!  TV off!”  I tell him to push the button on the tv as sometimes he turns if off by accident but I still get, “It’s broken, it’s BROKEN!” followed by wails.

Then I realize that he had turned the surge protector off and a light bulb went off in my head.  He was trying to turn the Christmas tree on, but didn’t realize that we UNPLUG it and just thought to push the button on the surge protector…which turned EVERYTHING off.  I tell him to hit the button again and of course things come back on.  He is wandering around the living room very upset though throwing his arms up and down in frustration (which is funny in itself!).

Then I ask him to calm down and asked him if he was trying to turn the Christmas Tree on.  He said yes so I plugged in the tree.  Then he began this tirade that was just hilarious to me…

I tell him not to worry that I could turn it on, he just had to ask me.  And he says in a very breathless and exasperated voice, “Jesus!” and begins to walk around the room complaining about something or other that I can only assume was the whole ordeal.  The he looks at the tree and says, “What the hell…” and continues to complain and rant while walking around the room.

Now, we dont’ condone this language from our son, but it was so unexpected and fit the situation perfectly that even now I am laughing at it.  Of course I had to call DH and tell him and of course he was laughing too.  We were both laughing enough to barely catch our breath.

I wish I could have caught it on film.



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2 responses to “Reason to have kids – Comic Relief

  1. Haha, I can actually envision the little guy walking around all stressed out in a circle cussing out the tree. 🙂
    I love reading about kids and the stuff they do or say… s’pose it’s got nothing to do with the fact that I cannot wait to get pg and have babies! 😉