The Minds of Men

Not sure why I thought about this at 5am…but I did and thought I would share this memory.

When I had my son I decided to breastfeed.  I wasn’t successful at it for many reasons, but I thought I would at least try and pump my milk.  I had two pumps, one electric and one hand held.  For those of you who may not be aware what a hand pump looks like, it looks like an over-sized air horn.  I pumped my milk for about 2 or 3 weeks.

Anyway, when my son was a few months old I gathered all the parts together to put away or throw away…I really can’t remember…but they were on the table.  When DH’s friends came over for D&D one night it was still on the table.

I over heard two of his friends talking while they were waiting for the rest to show up.  The one friend said, “What is that?” and the other friend replied, “Some kind of ray gun…”

Ray gun indeed.


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  1. Ray gun! That’s hilarious. Only a man.