The Big One

Yesterday was our Annual Trip to the Punkin Patch.  I have to say I was disheartened by the reports of the pumpkin crop this year.  Everywhere said that the crop wasn’t good this year because of heat or too much rain or both.  I went in thinking I would just find the best pumpkin I could, even if it was smallish.

However, the pumpkin patch we go to is wonderful!  You pay $5 for a ride on the wagon to the patch AND a pumpkin.  You can also buy additional pumpkins at the patch for $5.  Five dollars is not bad for a pumpkin you get in the patch when you are almost sure to get one bigger than what the grocery offers for five dollars (not to mention many patches sell their pumpkins by as much as $5 per pound as well).

I was pleasantly surprised.

The pumpkins were great!  Almost all had a nice round shape to them and nice color though some were still green (it is still early in the season yet).  And all were of a nice size!  I wanted to find a smallish one for Babyhead and I have to say it was very difficult to find a small pumpkin this year.

And then I saw it.  The Big One.

Now, for the past few years (I have been up here for 6 Octobers) we haven’t been able to find The Big One.  The pumpkin patch either was too picked over when we got there or the harvest wasn’t a good one.  So when I saw It this time…I HAD to grab it.  I am not one to always get huge pumpkins, and I have in the past bought larger ones from the grocery…but this one is huge for one you find in a patch!

At first glance I was skeptical.  I mean why would The Big One still be out in the patch?  Why hasn’t someone else gotten it before me?  It must be rotten, I figured, but what the hell.  It was worth a look and worst case I had already chosen my pumpkin.  I walked to it and looked at the top.  It looked fine from that angle, the stem was even still green partly on the vine.  I wasn’t totally broken off it’s vine yet and I could see the light green color in the stem…still “alive” then and not yet dried up.  I gingerly turned it over with my foot expecting a rotten spot…nice and green/orange.  Not a bad spot to be found.

This can’t be!  This is The Big One!  To be left out and not chosen it HAS to have a bad spot!  Why else would it be left?  I turn it over with my SIL and DH beside me.  We proceed to check every inch of the pumpkin, wiping off dirt and bugs.  Nothing.  Not a blemish.

And it was all mine.

I was struggling to get it out of the patch and back to the wagon.  DH was gifted with the task of carrying the other two smaller melons, one for him and one for me.  I didn’t mind, it was The Big One and I wanted it and our general rule is if you can carry it out, you can have it.

I was the envy of the patch!  Everyone at the patch (even the employees) were looking with awe at The Big One.  One of the workers exclaimed that it was one of the bigger ones he has seen come out of the patch that year.  One little boy that was boisterous earlier about getting the “biggest biggest pumpkin” looked on with envious eyes.

We put it and the smaller melons in the backseat, hugged and wrapped in a spare blanket we had in the car to prevent any injuries to our pumpkins.  Content with our haul we went to Micky D’s to celebrate our luck.


My pumpkin & DH’s pumpkin are on the bottom left front and back, Babyhead’s is on the top and The Big One is on the right.

Putting it on the bathroom scale it weighs about 24lbs.  24 lbs!  At a pumpkin patch!  FOR FIVE DOLLARS!  Though I have to say it felt like it weight more than Babyhead who is 30+ lbs…but he isn’t a round ball either like a pumpkin and a lot easier to distribute the weight to carry.  My arms are killing me this morning.

Now I hope that they all last until Nov. 1.


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