Morning Crisis – A funny

This morning right before Dh was supposed to get up Babyhead decided to cry for a poptart and the Cars movie.  Well, 5am is too early for a poptart and Cars so I tell him to go back to sleep (I actually didn’t know it was 5am, I thought was like more like 3am).  He proceeds to throw a HUGE tantrum so I sit at the end of his bed and allow him to get it out of his sleepy system.  He then grabs his cup and Moo and goes back to sleep (or so I thought).

15 minutes later…

He starts screaming for DH (because mean ole mommy makes him go back to sleep).  DH says he will get up and bring him in the bedroom since it was 5:30.  He wanted to sleep a little later but that was ok as if he didn’t let Babyhead in the bed he would scream and no one would sleep.  So, here comes Babyhead in the bedroom carrying his cup, Moo, and Mac.  Gets in the bed with me and passes out.

5 minutes later…

I hear DH in the bathroom taking a pee.  It isn’t hard to hear because the bathroom shares a wall with our room.  The next thing I hear is the toilet seat slam down (while I hear DH still peeing)…then quiet…then a whack of something I can only assume to be the toilet lock…then toilet paper ripping…then peeing once more.  I knew what happened and couldn’t help myself and started to giggle.

The toilet lock sucks but we have to have it on there as Babyhead likes to play in the water.  It is one of those that you lift up and turn to the side to open the toilet.  It sucks actually but it was the only one we could find at the time.

What happened was the bar decided to spring back while the toilet lid was still up…causing the lid to fall back down while DH was in mid-stream and before he could stop he ended up peeing on the top.  He got mad because not only did he pee on the top of the toilet he had to *gasp* clean it up himself!  OH NO!  (I wish he would clean the pee drips up down the front of the bowl too…but I realize this will never happen even though I do threaten…that is a different story/rant).  So he rips the lock off of the toilet tank and then proceeds to throw it to the floor.

Later he comes in to give me a bye kiss and proceeds to tell me what happened and adds, “I had to clean up my own piss!”

Awww…Poor baby.


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