Weird and Strange

Over the past few weeks I have noticed how different I am from others.  I don’t mean how I look, but how I look at life and those around me.  What others view one way, I tend to view in a different way.  Maybe some people chose to be angry at something where I would chose to be sad or have pity and try to find a way to help.  That isn’t to say that I don’t hold the same view as everyone else all the time…that isn’t true.  Occasisonaly I will fall in the majority.  However I tend to look at things from a different angle.

Maybe it comes from what I learnd from the Yoga Sutra class I took a while back.  The fact that just looking at something from another angle will change the whole picture.  I try to put myself in other’s shoes and try to feel what they may have been feeling at the time.  Try to look at what their life before may have been like.  Maybe they weren’t taught something important or were shown the correct way.  It allows me to be a little more empathetic I think or at least understanding.

I also tend to get a lot less offended as well.  I may still get offended, but I have been quick to get rid of that bad emotion and see what the other person is saying.  Maybe they didn’t know any better for what they said or did, maybe they felt attacked themselves and went on the defensive.  Again, I try to look at it from their point of view and usually the anger and offense dissapates.

I also realized lately…that there will never be a group to which I will never fit in as my thoughts and ideas and opinions most often are the minority. Oh, well.

I have also noticed how strange DH and I must seem to the rest of the world.  We are a lot alike in our weirdness.  I suppose thats what makes us so compatible…why we seem to be able to get past our differences.  We understand each other perfectly.  We often complete each others thoughts and come up with similar conclusions.  We often argue the same point.

What made me think about his entry was when DH was talking the other day about something silly…and others at his work were looking at him funny.  He came home and told me about it and I agree with him in his silliness.  I realized then how different he and I were from the rest of the general world.

And how lucky we were to find each other.


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  1. tracya

    aw, that’s sweet. you can have your own group..just you two! it’s so important to have someone that is on the same wavelength