Absolute Truths and Religious Tolerance

I have written this up somewhere else previously and decided to revisit the subject here. Right now you are wondering what the hell I am talking about…I am talking about religion. I know, that is one of the big things you shouldn’t talk about like politics, but it is actually an ok subject if you get informed and respectful individuals to speak with. Which I am hoping at least some of you are.

You hear all over any kind of media that this faith believes they are the one true faith and that others are false faiths. My question is who decides this? You may say that your faiths Holy Book states it…but who decided what went into that holy book? For example, the Christian Bible itself was the compilation of select books from ancient texts. Those gospels were chosen over centuries by a few councils starting with the Constantine and Council of Nicaea. Then there are those of you who will say that things are “inspired by God”. Well, what if I said that I was inspired by God to eat potato chips on Monday. Would someone start a religion with that? Would they then think that Potato Chips on Monday was the true way? Why not? Remember, I was inspired by God. What makes someone that lived 2000 years ago that was inspired by God more believable than someone alive today that is inspired by God?

A while back on a message board I discussed the issue of religion and absolute truths. There is one person that keeps asking that if there is an absolute truth, does it not make sense to follow that faith?

While I have to agree with her on the surface, I do not believe there is ONE absolute truth. If there was then everyone would believe it. Most people are taught one religion or another…then some find their ways to another religion because they do not believe in what they are taught. Logically then the first religion was not an absolute truth…otherwise the people that left would believe it.

For example, Death is an absolute truth. No one can deny that death happens and will happen to all of us at some point. Even the Earth we live on will die either by our hands or by the sun when it burns out. Scientists, Priests, Rabbis, Ministers, Rich, Poor…they all agree that everyone is going to die one day. You may not like it. You may even try to ignore it. But you cannot deny that it will happen. It is a fact. That is an absolute truth.

Then she says that is where free will comes in. To me that is a flimsy argument at best. Why the hell would God give you something that is supposed to be the correct way then give you other incorrect ways, but not really tell you one is the correct way and punish you if you chose the wrong way? Oh well because so and such says THIS way is the correct way…well hell…they ALL say THEIR way is the correct way! You are still stuck trying to figure out what was in the correct way. However, to me if it is absolute, then free will wouldn’t make a difference. To me, free will comes in actually following the true path not trying to figure it out.

For example, you know eating fried foods and Tasty Cakes all day everyday is bad for you. You know it is wrong. You know it will lead to obesity and heart failure and death…yet you choose to do it anyway. People know that smoking causes cancer and contributes to other health problems. They know that smoking can cause cancer and other health problems to those around you. Yet they do it anyway. THAT, my friends, is free will. You know it and you do it anyway.

Religion is no different. IF there was only ONE way, then everyone would know it…then chose to follow or not to follow. There wouldn’t be different interpretations on the same subject. There wouldn’t be so many saying their way is right. There would only be one way to go…and you would either choose it or not.

So…after all that you are saying “Get to your point already blasphemer!” Well, an old lady told me a long time ago that God said there were many paths to His Kingdom. My point is, remember that. Just because someone is not on your path, doesn’t mean they are wrong.



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2 responses to “Absolute Truths and Religious Tolerance

  1. lloveslug

    beautiful…i loved this!!..and i believe it also..

    [Sandy Says: I am hoping that one day I will say it enough that someone else will actually listen. 😀 ]

  2. Roxy

    Well said!
    I like it!
    Unfortunately, many of the world’s problems are based on “My god is bigger/badder/better than yours.”

    (wheresroxy on MM / thegunchick on WordPress)

    [Sandy Says: I know…and that is annoying… Everyone knows MY God is the biggest… ]