It gets confusing at times

It’s funny how life is, isn’t it?  You toddle along thinking things are going pretty well. Maybe you bought a house, maybe your kids are doing well in school for once. Maybe you managed to save some money for some of the renovations on the house you need. Maybe you saved enough money for a good vacation. Then…something…happens.  Continue reading

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Wow, It’s been a while.

As I was posting my discussion to my class today, I realized I haven’t posted in a while. I felt the need to let the few of you who do follow know that I am still here, alive, though barely sometimes. I had tough term last term, failed one of my classes. That is ok though as I will be retaking that class at a later date. Because of this, I had to scale back my classes to one a term in stead of two. Continue reading

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Where I Put On My Mommy Blogger Hat

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I avoid talking too much about my kids and life as a mom unless I just don’t have anything else to talk about. I am not ashamed of being a mom, but there are so many other mom blogs out there that I feel that, most of the time, there isn’t much for me to add that is meaningful and different.

Today, however, I feel the need to say something. Continue reading

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