Frankenboobs Week 2

Today marks my 2 week post-op. I can safely report that the second week has been much better than the first. I managed to find some sports bras that didn’t have an elastic band for the bottom which made the incisions there much more comfortable.

The swelling is going down slowly, but surely.  As long as I can see an improvement, I won’t complain…too much. I don’t have pain like I did, but now everything is very, very sensitive. Hypersensitive really, though that is getting better as well.

I will admit that the first week I did wonder if I made the right decision, considering how uncomfortable and painful everything was. Now I am sure I did. I already feel a thousand times better than before.  A knot I have had in my back for years is gone.  The heat doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much either, though to be honest I am not sure why.  I have my theories, though I really don’t care.  I am happy for that unexpected surprise.

So, that is my report for this week. I don’t see my surgeon again until the 15th so I won’t have any updates there for a while.  I just hope that I keep getting better. Hopefully by the end of summer I will be ready to start some kind of exercise regimen to start getting the rest of me like it needs to be!










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I had my first post op appointment yesterday. Today marks a week since my surgery. Doc took off all the wound dressings and padding and revealed my new girls in all their bruised and stitched glory. I had to laugh at myself as I wasn’t sure what to think…they looked like Frankenstein boobs to me with all the swelling and bruises.

Doc says everything is good though. The swelling is slowly going down and he said that as long as it is going down it will be good. It just may take a while for it to completely go. I have to say the swelling is the most annoying part as I have issues bringing my hands together in front of me (like for typing this or just washing my hands).

I am cleared to sleep how I want now, except on my stomach. I slept in the bed last night for the first time after sleeping in the recliner for a week. It took some getting used to, still couldn’t sleep on my side, but I managed. It was still a lot more comfy than the recliner!

One last thing, last Thursday I ended up calling the on call doc. That is when the swelling was at it’s worst and I had what seemed to be a sunburn all over my chest, neck and arms. Apparently I had a reaction to the prep stuff they use on the skin for surgery. I had to take Benadryl for a few days since he said that stuff doesn’t wash off. I also had to go in Friday to make sure that the swelling was just swelling and not fluid building up (no drains, remember?). It was determined that it was just pretty bad swelling and to ice my boobs, which I do. Those little tidbits may be important for someone coming here thinking of getting this surgery. I am confident it will all be worth it once the swelling goes down! :-)


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So, I had surgery today.

I had been considering a breast reduction for a really long time. I have always been top heavy, even at my lowest weight. When I had my kids though, I gained weight everywhere, including “the girls”.  After Podling was born my thyroid crapped out on me, causing me to gain more weight and so “the girls” got bigger as well.

Last winter I started the process for the reduction. I started researching recovery time and what-not. I have to say that there aren’t very many websites and are honest about recover times other then the usual ‘up to 6 weeks’ spiel. I did find a blog or two about some women who documented their own process and since I went through it/going through it I decided to document mine as well so other can find it that may need the information.

Let me start by saying my insurance DID pay for it, though I had to have my doc send notes to the Insurance company proving I needed it and have a surgeon take measurements saying yes, I would benefit.  The first thing I did was talk to my GYN since he is the that knows more about my girl parts than anyone. He said he did feel I was a good candidate, but we all know insurance companies really don’t give a shit what your doctors think, so we had to document this for a year before even attempting to see a surgeon.

When the time came I asked Dr. T for a referral and he sent me to Dr. S. I feel it is important to task doctors for referrals of this kind as chances are they(if they are good docs) aren’t going to steer you wrong. Everyone I talked to in the hospital said he was a good surgeon, and after meeting him I feel he is. I want to point out here that chances are you will have to pay for your consult appointment…mine was $300. While they don’t expect you to pay with a check, it is something you need to keep in mind.  Also keep in mind that you get what you pay for, don’t get the cheapest doc as there is a good chance you will get what you pay for.

Fast forward to now. I had to go to the usual pre-admission testing for the hospital and a pre-op appointment with Dr. S. Then, last night I got a call for my surgery time. It is an outpatient procedure, so you can usually go home afterwards barring any issues that my arise during surgery.

The surgery took about an hour and a half or so. I had to be there at 6:30am and I was able to come home at 1:30pm. For those who may have never had surgery, this is normal as you have to wake up from the anesthesia and do certain things before you can go home such as drink a little bit and keep it down (the drugs can make you nauseous) .

The surgeon sends you home with a surgical bra packed with wound dressings. It isn’t the most comfortable, but nothing about it will be since you are being cut into.

Some surgeons put drains in, mine didn’t . My boobs are so swollen they feel like they are going to pop. I was in some pain when I came home-more a burning and bruised feeling than actual pain. They did give me some Percocet to take for pain. I was also given a prescription for an antibiotic. I will say here that ANY time you are on antibiotics, you should use Align (or some other brand) pro-biotics with it. They will kill the good bacteria in your gut just as well as the bad and it can lead to some serious bowel issues (my hubs had an issue with antibiotics when the dentist…when he went to the family doc he said to always take Align or something like it to help promote the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill).

You will also not be able to take off the bra/dressings for a week until after you see your surgeon again…so no showering! EW!  (You are also not allowed to do housework…Yay!)

That is about all I can say for now. I had my surgery this morning. The pain isn’t bad, but uncomfortable, though I do have plenty of pain pills if I need them. I slept most of the day to get the drugs they gave me in the hospital out of my system. I will be taking a pain pill soonish and get some sleep. You will need to elevate the head of your bed or do like I am doing and sleep in a recliner. You have to sleep on your back and partially sitting up for a while until the wounds start to heal. Just be patient. I have heard that the course of things stay the same so if you heal well and not have a lot of pain with surgery (which I do/don’t), then this time would be no different.

I will talk more about his at a different time, though I don’t know if I will be able to blog every day. I want to make sure to keep my experience out there for anyone else that may want to research. At the very latest I will try to post again after my first post op next week.


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