Throw Back Thursday

I have been posting a few pics on FB for TBT…thought I would put some here too if I could remember.


That’s me when I was 17, almost 18. I was Flag Captain of the Color Guard and we had a sort of camp to come up with the following year’s shows. Perfect form for a flag toss, except for the feet. :-)

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Frankenboobs 3: Return of the Frankenboobs

Ok, so I skipped a week. Sorry! I just plain forgot to post! Not much has really happened. My incisions are pretty much healed. Stitches are coming out on their own … ones that haven’t already dissolved. Now, I just have long red scars across my ribs and thin ones around the nipple and down the bottom of the breast. I am having issues with the incision junctions at the nipple and bottom of my breast. They are just healing very slowly. I also have issues with hyper-sensitivity. I know I have spoke of these things before. It is all normal. Arm movement makes the incisions weird. Nerve regeneration makes the hyper-sensitivity. It will all get better soon.

At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Anywho, I saw the surgeon again today. He said everything is still looking good and things are settling well. Everything is still symmetrical and looking good. He did offer to give me a shot in my one hyper-sensitive nipple. Some kind of long acting numbing med and steroids to hurry up the healing and cut down and nerve inflammation. I turned him down only because the idea of having a needle jabbed in my boob is not appealing. However, I will see him in 2 weeks and if I am still having issues then I will have the shot. *shudder*

I am planning a post for a later date about the bras I have found the most comfortable. I just need to take a few pics and such and things have been a little crazy here that I just keep forgetting. I know I wish I would have found all that out before I went bra shopping!

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Frankenboobs Week 2

Today marks my 2 week post-op. I can safely report that the second week has been much better than the first. I managed to find some sports bras that didn’t have an elastic band for the bottom which made the incisions there much more comfortable.

The swelling is going down slowly, but surely.  As long as I can see an improvement, I won’t complain…too much. I don’t have pain like I did, but now everything is very, very sensitive. Hypersensitive really, though that is getting better as well.

I will admit that the first week I did wonder if I made the right decision, considering how uncomfortable and painful everything was. Now I am sure I did. I already feel a thousand times better than before.  A knot I have had in my back for years is gone.  The heat doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much either, though to be honest I am not sure why.  I have my theories, though I really don’t care.  I am happy for that unexpected surprise.

So, that is my report for this week. I don’t see my surgeon again until the 15th so I won’t have any updates there for a while.  I just hope that I keep getting better. Hopefully by the end of summer I will be ready to start some kind of exercise regimen to start getting the rest of me like it needs to be!










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